Open-Back Banjo with Tone Ring

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The Dirty Thirties Series sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and historic design, just like the original Montgomery Ward mail order instruments from the first half of last century. The Dirty Thirties Deluxe Open Back Banjo brings together the old time sound of an open back banjo with the added projection and treble clarity of a traditional rolled brass tone ring.

The rim's 18 brackets allow fine tuning of head tension for a multitude of playing styles and sounds, and name brand components like the REMO head and D'Addario strings complement the high quality banjo construction Recording King is famous for.

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Multi-Ply Mahogany


Specifications & Features

Model: RKOH-06
Resonator: N/A
Rim: Multi-Ply Mahogany
Flange: N/A
Head: REMO
Tone Ring: Rolled Brass
Tension Hoop: N/A
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Revebond
Hardware: Nickel Plated
Tailpiece: No-Knot
Bridge: Maple / Ebony
Fret Markers: Inlaid Dot
Inlay: N/A
Binding: None
Scale Length: 26-1/4"
Armrest: Nickel Plated
Finish: Dark Brown